A Perfect and Eclectic Session

Birmingham Mistress

I’m not a fan of massive dungeons. To me, the big multi roomed places can be a bit impersonal. I prefer something a bit cosier; the thrill of the close encounter; the knowledge that the Mistress is never more than a few metres away from me and can do with me whatever she pleases. Mistress Eliza’s chambers are the perfect size for me.

Of course, size isn’t everything, as they say. More importantly is that I can tell from her website and tweets that Mistress Eliza is, as someone else pointed out, highly intelligent and perceptive. For me, intelligence in a Mistress is a massive turn on. And Mistress Eliza talks about subspace a lot, which is a great sign. Have you ever been in a session and regretted being there because you aren’t enjoying the pain? I have. That won’t happen with Mistress Eliza though. The pain level is kept at exactly the right level all the way through, even if you like having your limits pushed as I do.

As I entered Mistress Eliza’s chambers, I was taken aback by her jaw dropping, mesmerising beauty. She has the most exquisitely beautiful face, an hour glass figure and the sexiest legs ever. Wow! I actually said “Wow!” several times during the session. Plus she has that cut-glass voice that speaks volumes about her intelligence, education and high standards.

We went through everything I’d asked for: impact play, needles, CBT, caging, secure bondage, humiliation, the lot. Due to Mistress Eliza’s thoroughness and care, nothing was missed.

If you want to spend your hard earned money on a perfect and eclectic session, pay Birmingham Mistress Eliza a visit. I’m really looking forward to going back again. 24 hours after the session, I’m still on cloud nine. Buzzing, as they say.