About me

Birmingham Mistress

Birmingham Mistress Eliza

All of my sessions are bespoke.

My resourceful, creative personality will guide you into the divergent, dichotomous domain of sensual, strict, enthralling, inspirational and at times sadistic. A fusion of kindred souls. My instinctive need to control is inextricably linked to my natural predilection for dominance, cerebral agility and sensual seduction. I unleash my creative energy into my sessions.

How will you serve me?

My bite is worse then my bark. As you will find.

My commanding voice, deviating from warm and amiable to dictatorial and caustic, will expedite your enthralment. Then I will not need to demand your obedience and submission. I will foment it and you will give yourself to me freely.

BDSM to me is scratching an itch
that is best scratched with someone else.

You will simultaneously enjoy intensely cerebral BDSM, humiliation and torment while in the most sublime subspace, incapable of resisting my rapacious craving for dominance.