Gentle Domination & Humiliation – a Testimonial

Birmingham Mistress

I asked Birmingham Mistress Eliza for moderate pain plus humiliation including spitting. What followed was a thoroughly brilliant and well thought out session.

I was attached to the St Andrews cross and my cock, balls and chest were hit with the flogger until I was well into subspace. Mistress Eliza is a strikingly beautiful lady and I felt privileged being able to look at her and admire her beauty while she flogged me.

After a while I was turned around and reattached to the cross, this time facing forwards. The flogger was used on my balls, bottom and upper back, gradually increasing in intensity as I slipped back into subspace.

Next I was put into the cock pillory and a spiked ring was attached to the shaft of my cock.  Painful, but deliciously painful.  At the same time, Mistress Eliza attached nipple clamps to my nipples and reminded me how lucky I was to be in her presence. I certainly felt lucky.

Having released me from the cock pillory, I was instructed to lie down on the floor. The trample board was placed over me with my cock sticking through the hole and Mistress Eliza trampled my cock with her boot heels. Not too hard but hard enough to remind me who is in charge!

I’d asked for humiliation including spitting and Mistress Eliza gave it a delicious twist by chewing banana, spitting it into my mouth and making me eat it. I really enjoyed that.

I was reattached to the cross and subjected to Mistress Eliza’s expertise with the E-stim.

I’ve already booked my next session with Birmingham Mistress Eliza!