Fantastic Birmingham Mistress – a Testimonial

Occasionally you come across someone who is a clear expert in their field and who you also click with. Mistress Eliza is such a person. I’ve had sessions with a few Birmingham Mistresses and I’ve enjoyed them all, but Mistress Eliza is a cut above many others.

Mistress Eliza’s friendly welcome and pre-session chat eased my nerves and really put me in the mood for a great session. It rapidly became obvious to me that Mistress Eliza puts equal emphasis on pleasure and safety. Trust was therefore built up even before the session started. I kind of knew that I was in for something special and I was so right.

We started with the trampling board. With my cock threaded through the hole, Mistress exerted pressure with her sharp heels. The pain was utterly sensational, because I knew that although pain was being inflicted on my cock, the utmost care was being taken with me in order to avoid injury.

I was then securely wrapped in cling film and duck tape from head to toe and laid down onto a couch. Totally encased in cling film and tape, I felt completely helpless and under Mistress Eliza’s control. Total Power Exchange. Absolute trust. What followed was the most exquisite nipple torture and CBT I’ve ever experienced, using needles, electrics and a pinwheel. Mistress Eliza used a pinwheel and vibrating clamps attached to my cock.

After the session, Mistress Eliza invited me for a chat to review our session, ask how it went for me, could anything be added or improved, etc. That’s real customer service!

I only booked an hour session but wish I’d booked for longer. I therefore immediately booked a 2 hour session. I can’t wait! If you want to session with a truly majestic Birmingham Mistress, you must visit Mistress Eliza! She is a gem.