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A 4 hour session with Birmingham Mistress Eliza

Birmingham Mistress

My previous session with Mistress Eliza was so deeply satisfying that I decided to book a 4 hour session in order to experience all of her amazing skills.

We started with impact play with me attached to the spanking bench. First the flogger, skilfully increasing in intensity, coercing me into the deepest subspace I’ve ever experienced. Followed by the paddle. Then onto the cane. I normally struggle with the cane but not with Mistress Eliza. I was caned with increasing intensity for probably 15 minutes of the most enjoyable caning I’ve ever had. I was in ecstasy the whole time. 48 hours later I’m still on cloud nine.

I was then attached to the St Andrew’s cross and my chest, cock and balls were flogged while my nipples were clamped. Being able to admire Mistress Eliza’s stunning beauty while being flogged was such a wonderful experience that I let out an audible “Wow!”

Next my cock was fastened to the cock pillory while my hands were tied behind my back and I was subjected to nipple torture and CBT, once again while being able to admire Mistress Eliza’s beauty. What a treat !

I was then told to lie on the floor and my cock was inserted into the hole in Mistress Eliza’s trample board. Mistress Eliza then tortured my cock with her sharp stiletto boots. One wonderful thing about Mistress Eliza is that she is incredibly safe at all times, which allows me to lie back and enjoy the pain, knowing that irrespective of how intense the pain, no damage is being done. That was actually the most enjoyable cock torture I’ve ever experienced.

I was then allowed to enjoy worshipping Mistress Eliza’s delectable feet, with more flogging at the same time.

Well that was 4 hours of non stop pleasure from a Safe, Sane, Consensual expert Mistress. I’m really looking forward to having another session with Birmingham Mistress Eliza


Into subspace – a testimonial

Mistress Eliza’s premises are in a quiet area of the north eastern outskirts of Birmingham with plenty of free parking available nearby. Very easy access from Birmingham, the M6, etc. I drove from much further afield, because I believe that a truly elite Mistress is worth travelling for. And believe me, Mistress Eliza is truly elite.

These days I am very selective with whom I session, and I only visit Mistresses who have a good understanding of how to get her sub into subspace. Mistress Eliza convinced me that she would be able to get me into subspace and keep me there.

The session started with impact play. First, a flogger was used to warm me up.  Within a few strokes I knew this session was going to be special and I very quickly drifted into subspace. Mistress then moved onto the strap, gradually increasing the intensity until I was ready for the cane. I have to say that the caning was one of the most enjoyable I’ve ever experienced and I didn’t want it to end. I’m not normally into caning but I asked Mistress Eliza to try it due to her expertise with subspace. I can’t wait for her to cane me again!

We then moved onto needle play, first sticking needles into my nipples then into my cock making a crown of thorns. Mistress Eliza really showed her expertise. After a crown of thorns my cock is normally heavily bruised but I was left with only very small, faint marks that are already fading just 24 hours later.

Because this was my first session with Mistress Eliza I only booked an hour but I will be asking for 2 hours next time.

If you want to session with a fantastic Birmingham Mistress, Mistress Eliza should, in my opinion, be at the top of your list.